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Nathan Richardson

Nathan is the fourth of six children and blames his short stature on having so many siblings to compete with around the dinner table growing up. He grew up in Ukiah, California, a town that would be known for it’s beautiful vineyards and redwood groves if anyone knew about it at all.

Nathan received his BA with a major in English and a minor in Spanish, and he has been confusing the two ever since. He served an LDS mission to El Salvador and has returned to Latin America four times since to do humanitarian service (El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala). His other favorite pasttime is doing children’s performances with his friend Glenn, in which they use puppets, storytelling, songs, and dancing to sneakily help kids learn while they think they’re just having fun. Nathan also has a small design business, Richardson Design, and has typeset over 20 books including Hugh Nibley’s Timely and Timeless.

Nathan recently received his master’s in communication disorders, and a week later got sealed in the Oakland Temple to beauty incarnate, who usually goes by Jelaire. She is teaching him racquetball, and he is teaching her patience.

Jeffrey Thayne

Jeff grew up in Elk Ridge, Utah, collecting bugs in the woodland hills behind his home. He has wanted to be a physicist, a detective, a entomologist, a cartographer, an explorer, a linguist, an astronaut, an architect, a writer, a teacher, a video-game programmer, and all of the above. He therefore graduated from BYU in April 2009 with a degree in psychology, a possibility he never entertained while growing up. He minored in physics and philosophy. He just finished a master’s degree in psychology at BYU, and is now pursuing his PhD in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University.

As a Constitutionalist, he regularly reads and writes on the subject of constitutional government. He served a mission from 2005 to 2007 in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission. His passion is to teach, and he wants to be a teacher someday. He also enjoys rock climbing, hiking, stargazing, origami, and camping. He loves italian food, and is a fan of science fiction. He just recently married his better half, Shelby, and now learning from her the social and intellectual skills to succeed in life.

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