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Welcome to ldsphilosopher. Here, we explore the world of ideas through the lens of the LDS faith. While our focus is philosophy, we’ll dabble in almost all realms of academic thought. For us, philosophy isn’t a narrow subdiscipline of the humanities department. Philosophy is relevant to all subjects, because everyone makes philosophical assumptions about the world. Engineers, school teachers, and even airline pilots have a philosophical worldview! As you explore this site, you’ll discover that philosophy is not all about books and dead scholars. Philosophy helps shape the way we think about and live our lives.

The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ invites us to reconsider many of the assumptions we have about the world. As such, it is the lens through which we approach all of the subjects we write about. Our goal is not to bring philosophy into Latter-day Saint thought, but rather to contrast revealed truths with the philosophies of the world. We’ll compare insights found in ancient and modern-day revelation with the prevailing assumptions in science, religion, psychology, government, and maybe more.

Yes, we’ll publish some articles for the purpose of persuading our readers to adopt a certain point of view that we believe is in greater harmony with Christ’s gospel than available alternatives. However, our purpose is not to preach, nor always to even persuade. We consider ourselves educators. We’ll publish many articles for the sole purpose of exploring and contrasting different points of view, in order to educate our readers about differing perspectives on an issue. Every time you visit, we want you to feel like you know more than you did before, even if you don’t agree with all of our conclusions. No matter what you believe, we hope this site will give you an intellectual workout that will strengthen your ability to evaluate, defend, and persuade others of your beliefs.

We love talking about ideas. We hope to share that passion with you, and to share with you a vocabulary that will help you articulate your ideas. And more than anything, we want you to be spiritually uplifted by your visit here. Our hope is to share our witness, using the language of ideas, that Jesus Christ is our Savior (and the only way to salvation), that Joseph Smith restored Christ’s church, that the Book of Mormon is a testament of Christ, and that Thomas S. Monson and the present Quorum of the Twelve are Christ’s spokesmen today. If you see the world differently because of what you learn here, we hope and pray that it has strengthened your relationship with God and solidified your loyalties to Christ’s church on earth.

The ideas presented on this site are not endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are only our opinions. However, we hope to only present ideas that are consistent with current teachings of the Church, insofar as we understand them. Our loyalty lies with the current church leadership, and ultimately to Christ, whom they represent.

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  1. You used a quote from Howard W. Hunter in response to a blog as follows below. I have heard this quote before, most recently in Meridian Magazine, but no one can give me the reference. Do you have the reference for when this was said by President Hunter?? Thanks much
    Missionaries don’t teach the gospel; they cry repentance and instill in the people enough faith to have the desire to be baptized. At that moment, they are turned over to the church, then, the church teaches them. There are not many in the church that understand this. They think that the missionaries haven’t spent enough time and haven’t taught them all the gospel. Now, the missionaries aren’t to do that! We have six [four] discussions. We take that far, and that does not cover all the gospel, but then the church spends the rest of this person’s life teaching them the gospel. We do the same thing with our eight-year-old children. No one in this church should ever be heard to say, “The missionaries baptized this person before they were ready!”