Here is a (tentative) list of upcoming content (for the next couple months)! The schedule gets shuffled around a lot, so don’t hold us to anything.

10/1/2018Non-judgmentalism vs. Zion communityHidden Assumptions: Church & Society
10/8/2018Absolutism vs. Continuing revelationHidden Assumptions: Church & Society
10/15/2018Prosperity gospel vs. Divine stewardshipHidden Assumptions: Prosperity
10/22/2018Consumptive prosperity vs. Productive prosperityHidden Assumptions: Prosperity
10/29/2018The significance of embodiment in LDS thought
Embodied Cognition, #1
11/5/2018Mind-body dualism and embodied cognitionEmbodied Cognition, #2
11/12/2018Embodied Cognition and the Premortal LifeEmbodied Cognition, #3
11/19/2018Embodied cognition and mortalityEmbodied Cognition, #4
11/26/2018Embodied cognition and the postmortal worldEmbodied Cognition, #5
12/3/2018Embodied cognition and the eternitiesEmbodied Cognition, #6
12/10/2018Sexual determinism vs. Sexual agencyHidden Assumptions: Marriage & Sexuality
12/17/2018Consent vs. chastity: Why consent-based sexuality isn't enoughHidden Assumptions: Marriage & Sexuality
12/24/2018Companionate marriage vs. Conjugal marriageHidden Assumptions: Marriage & Sexuality
12/31/2018Instrumental obedience vs. For-sake-of-OtherHidden Assumptions: Discipleship