Jeffrey Thayne

I recently encountered an incredibly well-thought out critique of philosophy. I actually agree with this man. This does not mean that I don’t see value in studying philosophy. It is incontrovertible that philosophers have profoundly affected the way we see the world, and there is value in studying their ideas and investigating alternative worldviews. I agree, however, that philosophy (as an intellectual pursuit of knowledge) will never bring us to eternal truth.


[The YouTube video has apparently been removed, but the video can still be seen at the following site:]

This, of course, does not change the mission of this site: to contrast, in a simple and understandable way, the philosophies of the world with revealed truth. I believe one of the best reasons to study philosophy is to provide a context for revealed truth. When we understand how revealed truth differs from ideas and worldviews invented by people, we can be more wise in our choices and decisions. However, philosophy itself will rarely lead us to revelation.